Anti-trust policy, referred to as Competition Policy in Ireland, touches all industries and is closely linked to Consumer Policy because ultimately it strives to make markets of all types free and fair.

While internal or external lawyers and economists often lead in competition policy “cases” the underlying policy dimension can be overlooked to the detriment of a case.

In recent years competition policy tools at the EU and elsewhere have been at the forefront of overall policy developments in energy, telecoms, IT or taxation policies for example. To consider the deeper competition policy dimension professionally can give a legal or economic team real edge in achieving successful outcomes.

The Irish Competition and Consumer Protection Commission has a long history of following international competition policy developments and Vulcan can help put your case into context. Whether it is a merger or acquisition, an antitrust or state aid matter, in Ireland or before the Directorate General for Competition at the EU level, Vulcan can help. If you are thinking of making a complaint or just wanting to understand the policy context of your competition concerns – please do not hesitate to contact us. Vulcan has access to some of the most experienced players in this field and giving you the edge is what we are about.