At Vulcan Consulting, we know that effective engagement with public affairs audiences needs to be carefully planned and executed. Politicians, public officials and regulators – and the large number of stakeholders and media around them –  need to have good reasons to meet and to take into account any messages delivered to them. Finding the common ground – the ‘win-win’ between their objectives and the wider public interest – is the key to success.

Knowing our clients well and understanding the context of their needs is essential to the way that we work. Delivering effective, practical advice requires genuine insight into their objectives and culture. New projects usually begin by developing an in-depth understanding of their issues, exploring potential scenarios and defining the best approach to achieving your goals.

Current Products and Services

Vulcan Consulting provides the following services:

  • Strategic Planning
    Vulcan Consulting can assist your company to achieve its targets by in-depth strategic planning. Setting priorities, determining the required resources, identifying the threats and opportunities, and formulating a detailed plan to ensure that all stakeholders involved are striving to the common goal of the organisation.
  • Crisis Management
    Unexpected and disruptive events can inflict enormous damage on an organisation if handled incorrectly. Our experienced team is equipped to deal with any eventuality and can assist your business when a crisis scenario unfolds. We have the crisis management skills required to deal with threats before, during, and after they have arisen.
  • Communications
    The modern communication environment allows businesses to communicate directly to their customer base, meaning an organisation's reputation is as vital as ever. With the arrival of modern media, executing a business strategy requires defined and structured communications to ensure that a clear and consistent message is made throughout the process.

  • Government Engagement
    As government regulations and law impinge on how companies and industries operate, it is essential that there is engagement from both sides in order to facilitate co-operation when formulating best practices and policies. We can assist businesses in helping them understand how politics works and advise on who and how any kind of engagement should be undertaken.
  • Strategic Advice
    Our experienced team can assist companies with regulatory and strategic advice required to meet any target or resolve any challenging issue. By providing independent perspective and advice, Vulcan Consulting can develop solutions that are adaptable over time and which have support throughout the organisation.
  • Analysis
    Complex regulatory policy can be difficult to navigate for companies unfamiliar with the process. We provide our clients with detailed analysis of current and impending regulations, outlining clearly what the regulation brings, how it affects the sector and how best to adopt to meet it.
  • Monitoring
    The government and regulatory landscape is constantly changing, meaning business and industry must constantly adapt. As a result, constant monitoring is required to identify these impending changes early and often. This allows our clients to plan ahead and adapt as best as possible in order to be ready for any unfolding change.