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UK Ambassador to the US resigns

12 July 2019

Britain’s Ambassador to the US resigned on Wednesday following the leak of confidential reports in which he criticized US president Donald Trump. The reports which describe Mr. Trump as ‘insecure’ and his administration as ‘uniquely dysfunctional’ were leaked to Mail on Sunday. The US President responded to the leaks by saying his administration would no longer deal with British Ambassador. President Trump wrote on Twitter ‘I do not know the Ambassador but he is not liked or well-thought of within the US’ and went on to describe him a ‘pompous fool’.

While Prime Minister Theresa May published a statement of full support in Ambassador Darroch, the frontrunner in the Conservative contest repeatedly avoided questions on whether he would retain the British Ambassador saying ‘I alone will decide who takes important and politically sensitive jobs’. Sir Kim Darroch told colleagues that he felt that he would be sacked by Boris Johnson if he becomes Prime Minister next month, writing in his letter of resignation that the current situation is making it impossible for him to carry out his role as he would like.

Criticism of the way in which the situation was handled is widespread across Britain. Former British Prime Minister John Mayor said that Kim Darroch should not have been forced out of his office and had been ‘thrown to the wolves’. Sir John Mayor warned that Boris Johnson risked losing the loyalty of the civil service over his failure to defend the British Ambassador to the US in a televised leadership debate on Tuesday. Meanwhile, Boris Johnson and his supporters are quick to lay the blame with the leaker of the reports. The former EU Ambassador to the US, David O’Suillivan, cited the leaks as further evidence of the toxic impact that the Brexit debate is having on one of the UK’s most cherished institutions.

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